Kashmir a hub of Indian Handicrafts

November 23, 2010

Jammu and Kashmir is known throughout the world as much for its arts and crafts as for its scenic beauty and bracing climate. Kashmir is integral in its entity. From the amusing trinket to a collector’s item, you’ll find it all, here. Row upon row of shops filled with handicrafts line the streets. The array is awesome. There are objects to suit every pocket, as the variety within each craft is wide.

Everybody associates Kashmir’s handicrafts with carpets, but there’s a whole lot besides. Depending on the quality of your purchase, you can either pay as little as Rs.10, or a few lakhs. Very many qualities exist side by side in Kashmir to suit a variety of budgets.

If you are planning to be a part of Kashmir this vacation, then do not forget to embark upon your shopping expedition from the very essence of Kashmir, which is Saffron. Your trip will surely be incomplete if you are not the owner of the mesmerizing hand woven carpets. Adorn the floors of your house with the ‘Nawadas’. The Pashmina and Shahtoosh shawls are a must buy in Kashmir. No where will else will you get the majestic fabric in accordance with the incomprehensible embroidery. Kashmir is home to some of the best walnut woodcarving done anywhere in the world. The silk manufactured in Kashmir is also of very superior quality. Kashmir is an ideal destination from the prospective of shopping. Being a frugal while you are in Kashmir will make you repent, so shop your heart and pocket out because there is no other Kashmir on the planet.

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