Factors affecting Kashmir Economy

September 18, 2010

The Jammu and Kashmir economy depends on traditional form of occupation. Kashmir is unaffected and unaltered by modernization and industrial developments and changing era. The main form of occupation in kashmir is farming, animal Husbandry and Horticulture which gives a strength to its economy and business.

One main reason why its modernization is in a poor condition because of the continuous voilence and insurgency in the state. However in the recent years the government of J&K has taken several steps to strengthen the financial condition of the state and improve the living standards of the locals.

Tourism is also a main source of income in the state. However in recent years it is affected a lot by the military and antisocial ailments. but now the condition is far better and the tourist season is blooming day by day.

The state government of Jammu and Kashmir has turned its attention to the various infrastructural amenities of the region. Roads, power, health, primary education and water supply are some of the important areas that need the urgent attention of the state government.

The other important economic activity of Jammu and Kashmir is horticulture. Horticulture is one of the budding industries of the state that earns large revenue. The favorable weather helps in the production of many kinds of fruits.

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