Is Kashmir Really a Safe place for Tourists?

May 24, 2010

Since a very long time I was just asking this question to myself and every Indian that is Kashmir really a safe place for Tourists? Initially there was no straight answer to it, different people different versions. As the time pass by the news start coming that J&K is observing a record tourist, increased lot of confidence in me and I planned a trip and now I come to the conclusion that visiting  and feeling  the warm hospitality and homely services of Kashmiris, you will get the answer. Don’t be anxious and afraid to come your dream world. Don’t kill your desire and live your dreams truly.

Goodness in the Valley has been strangulated; but fortunately still prevails. People at the grassroots, irrespective of being rich or poor, still beat with a warm heart; they welcome you, they hug you and they respect you as a fellow human being, a fellow Kashmiri from whom they had departed 20 years ago. Matchless hospitality, as against azadi, runs through these people’s veins. Such people – during my personal and innumerable interactions with them – have come as a ray of hope who might keep the impeccable Kashmiriyat alive.

“India is a safe destination and Kashmir is absolutely safe. It is open for tourist traffic,” said by a India Tourism Minister. Pranav Sarkar Hon. secretary of Indian Associations of Tour Operators said tourists from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are flocking Kashmir.

Kashmir has been relatively calm in the past few years and the tourist surge in the past couple of years speaks for it. About half a million indian tourists and 40,000 foreign tourists visited Kashmir in 2009. In a bid to boost tourism, the central and state governments hosted Kashmir tourism festivals in Dubai and Britain (Oct 2009) and in other regions of the asian subcontinent.

So every Indian has to accept the truth that Kashmir is also as safe as any other place in the world. So what are you waiting for? Make a trip to visit the paradise of Asia.

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