Kashmir Travel Tips

September 20, 2010

Kashmir is open for tourist throughout the year, while the best period for tour and trek is from June to October. Most of the trekking routes are closed after November due to heavy snowfall at high passes. The best period for trek is from January to Mid-March.

Travel Agencies & Tour operators
A number of tour operators and travel agents offer their services to the tourists. These include local operators as well as representatives of national – level travel agencies. Visitors are advised to look for the operator with the best service record because their inclusion in the list does not confer any official recognition upon them or any recommendation.

Shirt and shorts can do during the daytime but in evening one needs Jacket or pullover. While trekking above 4000m, you need warm cloth. Sometimes there is a rain or snow in early June therefore you need Wind sheeter or raincoat.

Good waterproof shoes are needed while trekking and extra pair of shoes and Sandal is always handy.

Ruck Sack
A good spacious rucksack is needed to carry your items of use. Sleeping Bag: Warm sleeping Bag.

Foreign Exchange
The State Bank of India and the J&K Bank have branches at various places in Ladakh, with main branches in Leh and Kargil, where foreign exchange facilities are also available. The State Bank of India also operates an extension counter at the Tourist Information Centre located in the Dak Bungalow Complex, Leh.

Kashmir and Kargil towns have worldwide direct dial telephone facility and there are a number of public call offices operating in Srinagar town for the convenience of the tourists.

Acute mountain sickness can occur to any one at an altitude above 10,000 ft. from the sea level. The most common symptoms of acute mountain sickness are headache disturb sleep loss of appetite, nausea, coughing, irregular breathing, breathlessness, lassitude and lack of concentration.

Temperature in summer (June to September) can touch 30C and -20C in late December and January. Annual rainfall is 6″.

Permit and Passport
Tourist don’t require permit for Leh; however, all foreigners are required to registered at Drass, Rumtse and Sarchu if they are traveling by road. Those traveling by air get themselves registered at the airport. The tourist are required to get a permit for restricted areas like Tsomoriri, Tsokar, Pangong Lakes, Dhahanu and Nubra Valley, which can be obtain through registered travel agencies.

Credit Cards & Internet Services
Credit Cards are not accepted by most of the hotels and travel agents except some antique shops. Internet, Email services are available in Kashmir only.

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