More laws, More offenders-Helpless Kashmir

September 11, 2010

If we are talking about law & order in Kashmir it is worthless because of regular interfere of pakistani army for capturing his direct & indirect authorization on Kashmir, and outside Kashmir nobody knows what is actually happening there. Terror is become the first issue in the valley. Every where in the valley we are seeing the crowd of military.

Finally, the army has been sent in to help civil authority in Srinagar and other turbulent parts of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). It is a step that could have been avoided, had the right decisions been taken at the right time. Kashmir law & order is in the worst situation.

That effect will be difficult to achieve. The reason is simple: For the better part of the last 18 months since elections in J&K, the state government, the political representatives elected to the state assembly and governance has all been either absent or ineffective. If reports are to be believed, many legislators have not even bothered to interact with their constituents after getting elected. Carrying on with administrative tasks and developmental activities is difficult in insurgency-hit areas.

Abdullah has convened an all-party meeting here to discuss the volatile situation in the valley where the army was called in to stage marches in curfew-bound towns to restore law and order following violent protests over civilian killings.

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