Restaurants in Jammu & Kashmir

September 16, 2010

Cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir is nothing less than a treasure for the food lovers. The cuisine here is absolutely different from the cuisine of north India. The meals here are highly dominated by non- vegetarian dishes and the staple food here is rice. The variety during festivals is simply unimaginable and this variety brings a new edge to your travel in J&K during festivals. One thing you will never remember about your meal is the number of dishes you had as you will be served with endless amount of courses. The use of spices in every dish is also highly intriguing.

Though 36 course meal of Wazwan has a long list of delicacies, savor the seven inseparable dishes of wazwan that is Tabakhmaz, Rogan josh, Rista, Aab gosh, Dhaniwal korma, Marciwangan korma and Ghushtaba and you will be spellbound by its royal taste. Many hotels and restaurants around boulevard serve the kashmiri wazwan but the hot spots are as following:-

Restaurants in jammu & kashmir provides you mouth watering delicasies and because of their unusual flavours you really love them.they provides you a endless variety of lovely food that you are in a great dillemma what to eat first. if you are a non vegetarian than kashmir is a perfect place for your desire of having nonveg.Rogan josh,Kashmiri lamb curry, Zafrani Rogan Josh, Mutton Balls, Tabak Maaz, Tchok Tcharvan are some non-veg dishes which are too good in their taste that you cant resist yourself to have them.

Famous Non Veg Restaurants (Srinagar): Mughal Darbar and  Ahadoos – Shervani Road,  Ruby –  Lambert Lane,  Juniper – Lal Chowk.

Other Restaurants (Srinagar) :     Nun Kun and Alka Salka – On Shervani Road, Srinagar – For Chinese.

Amira Kadal and Dalgate: On Boulevard – For Vegetarian.

City Cuisines : Jammu – Pahalwan Di Hatti (A Famous Sweet) Gulmarg – Rogan Gosh.

Enjoy your tour with the rich Kashmiri cuisine and you will return to valley to have it one more time.

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